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What kit fits my truck?

Crank_Com_ Full_Size If you have a Traxxas vehicle and DO NOT have an upgraded motor with an SG crankshaft then refer to the Traxxas Page.

If you have an SG crankshaft then you need to determine the size of your flywheel.

A 34MM flywheel is the choice for all HPI Savage Monster trucks. It's also the choice for most other 1/8th scale trucks.
1/8th flywheels are available in 32mm, 34mm, 36mm and 38mm. Choose the size that is the closest match to your stock flywheel, or measure and estimate the size needed. Generally, there is no need to go larger or smaller than 34mm unless you have a clearance problem requiring a smaller flywheel, or are using a bump start and need a larger diameter flywheel to reach the starter wheel.

1-8_bell_reqs Once you know the size flywheel then you need to verify that your clutch bell is compatible with the Buku 1/8th scale clutch. If your clutch bell is between 1.02” and 1.06” in inside diameter and has a wall depth of at least .360” then a 1/8th scale kit will fit. If your clutch bell is less than 1.02” in diameter or has a wall depth of less than .360” then you can still choose to run a 1/8th or 1/10th kit but you will need to find an appropriate clutch bell for your Buku Kit.

Shoe Recommendations for Monster Trucks

ABK-H ABK-H Heavy Aluminum Komposite Shoes are recommended for most 1/8th Monster Truck Applications. The Heavy aluminum shoe backer will deliver more torque than the standard 1/8th ABK shoe and is better suited to heavy vehicles with high powered motors.

BBK BBK 1/8th Scale Brass Bonded Komposite Shoes provide a VERY aggressive torque delivery (300% more torque than a standard 1/8th scale clutch). As a result we do not recommend running 1/8th BBK shoes unless your drive train contains 100% metal gearing. Plastic gears anywhere in the drive-train, including the transmission, will most likely fail prematurely. If you do have a 100% metal upgraded drive-train then the 1/8th BBK shoes deliver unequaled performance and are the ultimate for very high powered motors.

ABK ABK Stock Weight Aluminum Bonded Komposite Shoes are compatible with 1/8th Monster trucks and are recommend for conditions where controlling wheelies and acceleration is important, especially in limited traction.

If you cannot determine which clutch kit is best suited to your vehicle then email us and tell us the details and we will help you to make the best choice.
Replacement Components:
#2015ABK $29.95
1/8th Aluminum Bonded Komposite Shoes and standard springs. Fits all Buku 1/8th Scale flywheels.
#2015BBK $29.95
1/8th Brass Bonded Komposite Shoes and high tension springs. Fits all Buku 1/8th Scale flywheels.
Not recommend unless your drive train contains 100% metal gearing.
#2015ABK-H $29.95
1/8th Heavy Aluminum Bonded Komposite Shoes and standard springs. Fits all Buku 1/8th Scale flywheels.
#2005-H $7.95
1/8th Replacement Springs High Tension (standard on BBK kits and GT kits)
#2005 $7.95
1/8th Replacement Springs Stock Tension (standard on ABK and Aluminum kits)
#2020 $4.95
Fits all Buku 1/8th Scale flywheels. (Does not fit Buku 1/10th Traxxas flywheels)
#2210 $4.95
1/4”-28 thread. Fits all SG cranks.
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