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The Buku 1/10th Scale Clutch kit was designed to be a direct bolt on fit for Traxxas nitro models. Buku 1/10th Clutch Kits are pre-assembled and ready to bolt on.

The standard flywheel is the same diameter as the stock Traxxas flywheel and is a direct fit. A 40MM flywheel is available for those vehicles using a bump start.

What kind of Shoes should I Buy?

Shoes_Brass_Bonded_Komposite 1/10th Brass Bonded Komposite (BBK) Recommended for Revo, Slayer, T-Maxx and all Traxxas Nitro models with upgraded motors. Mandatory for Revo, Slayer and T-Maxx with mid-block (Picco .26) upgraded motors. (Buku 1/8th clutches will not fit on the Picco .26 or any other motor with the TRX style crankshaft. BBK Clutch Kits and BBK replacement shoes include a higher tension spring that is matched to the greater mass of the BBK shoe.
Shoes_Aluminum_Bonded_Komposite 1/10th Aluminum Bonded Komposite (ABK) Recommended for Jato, 4-Tec, Nitro Rustler, Nitro Sport. The torque delivery profile of the ABK shoes is better suited for these lighter and/or 2 wheel drive models. The BBK shoes can still be used if a more aggressive torque delivery is desired but it will be more difficult to control acceleration. ABK shoes can also be run on 3.3 powered Revo, Slayer and T-Maxx models if a more moderate torque rise is desired for greater control (in conditions where poor traction exists)
ALL KOMPOSITE SHOES REQUIRE USING A NEW CLUTCH BELL. Residue from old clutch shoes will contaminate the surface of the Komposite material causing slippage, excessive heat and will ruin the shoes, sometimes in just a couple minutes!
Shoes_Aluminum 1/10th Aluminum shoes are generally not recommend for any application other than strict drag racing. (132' straight runs). The short run times in drag racing cause very little wear and as a result aluminum shoes will perform well. If you are street drag racing (informal competition) but also run your vehicle more than the straight drag course then a Komposite shoes is recommended.
All 1/10th Scale Replacement Components are cross compatible with Buku 1/10th scale flywheels.

Traxxas 1/10th Scale Clutch Kits:
Traxxas 1/10th Scale Clutch Replacement Components:
#2115BBK $26.95
1/10th Brass Bonded Komposite Shoes and high tension springs. Fits all Buku 1/10th Traxxas flywheels.
#2115ABK $26.95
1/10th Aluminum Bonded Komposite Shoes and springs. Fits all Buku 1/10th Traxxas flywheels.
#2105 $5.95
1/10th Replacement Springs Stock Tension (standard on ABK an Aluminum kits)
#2105-H $5.95
1/10th Replacement Springs High Tension (standard on BBK kits)
#2120 $4.95
1/10th Collet. Fits all Buku 1/10th Traxxas flywheels.
#2210 $4.95
1/4”-28 thread. Fits all SG cranks.
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