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We are now shipping Buku Bonded Komposite clutch shoes. Our exclusive and patent pending use of the worlds most advanced friction material bonded to a precisely engineered shoe base gives these revolutionary clutch shoes truly amazing characteristics.

The Buku Komposite material is almost pure Aramid (Kevlar) fiber and is extremely wear resistant outlasting even the hardest aluminum shoes by 300% OR MORE! In addition the Komposite causes virtually NO WEAR to the clutch bell!

The Komposite material does not burr or deform in any way preventing virtually all clutch failures related to these causes.

The extremely low wear rate and uniform friction characteristics of the Komposite coupled with no wear to the clutch bell create the most consistent and reliably performing R/C clutch in the world!

Add this to the 10 second adjustability of the Buku Speed Tune Clutch and it's clear...

Nothing else even comes close!

Buku Komposite shoes will outlast traditional clutch shoes by so much that they will not only pay for themselves but, add up the the savings in replacement shoes and clutch bells for traditional aluminum clutches and the Buku Komposite Clutch Kit pays for itself!

The Buku Bonded Komposite Clutch...

Unequaled Adjustability and Performance

Literally Pays for Itself!

Any Questions?

1/10 Scale Bonded Komposite Shoes fit all Buku 1/10 Scale Clutches

1/8 Scale Bonded Komposite Shoes fit all Buku 1/8 Scale Clutches


It is highly recommended that a NEW and VENTED clutch bell be used with Buku Komposite shoes. Any aluminum residue remaining in an old clutch bell will foul the Komposite shoe surface.

Buku Komposite clutch shoes should NEVER be mixed with aluminum shoes!

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