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We are now shipping the all new Buku High Speed Removable Wicking Grade Threadlocker and Buku High Speed Accelerator and Plastic Activator.

This proprietary formulation is the only threadlocking system specifically designed to meet the demanding needs of the R/C enthusiast...

REAL High Speed Curing.

While many off the shelf threadlockers claim to cure in as little as 10 minutes the reality is that they do not provide any real vibration protection for as much as 24 hours. We all like to be prepared for a day of racing in advance but how often must you make a same day repair or adjustment and need threadlocking protection NOW. Even worse, before curing, threadlockers are designed to act as a thread lubricant to make assembly easier. That means until your threadlocker is cured it's actually making the problem WORSE!

The true high speed curing of Buku Threadlocker solves this problem. On metal to metal parts it will usually cure in less than 10 minutes and when the High Speed Accelerator/Activator is used cure time is down to about 2 MINUTES!

Traditional Threadlockers Don't Work on Plastic!

That's right. So how many metal screws are threaded into plastic on your car? Because traditional threadlockers will not cure on plastic components many people over-tighten these fasteners while trying to prevent loosening. And of course, because plastic cannot hold up to excessive torque, the threads become stretched and loose, making the problem even worse.

The solution is Buku High Speed Accelerator and Plastic Activator. By simply priming the plastic components and allowing the solvent to flash off, usually in just a few seconds, you can then use Buku Threadlocker which will rapidly cure and provide superior vibration resistance on these metal to plastic or even plastic to plastic joints, without over-torquing the fasteners!

R/C fasteners are SMALL...

Many R/C fasteners are 3MM or smaller and are frequently threaded into aluminum or plastic. Unfortunately normal blue threadlocker will sometimes lock so tightly that the screw head or threads will strip or a hex wrench will round off before the threadlocker breaks free. Nothing is more frustrating then dealing with a stripped hex drive screw, especially when you can't reach it by any other means.

Buku Threadlocker is specifically designed to provide superior vibration resistance but still be removable without stripping aluminum or plastic threads on even the smallest fasteners! In addition, the proprietary formulation substantially reduces the residual “old threadlocker” build-up that can be time consuming when cleaning and reassembling components.

Wicking Grade formulation can be used without removing screws...

The Wicking Grade formulation has special surface tension reducing compounds that give it the ability to almost magically absorb into the tiny spaces between already assembled screws. When applied to a visible thread termination you can literally see it absorb into the threads by capillary action. This can be a real time saver when you need threadlocking protection but either don't have the time or don't want to alter a precisely aligned component by disassembling.

There's almost never enough time to make necessary repairs during a busy race day and the last thing that you want to worry about is whether or not your threadlocker is actually working. Probably the only thing more frustrating then a race ending mechanical failure is spending precious time trying to remove a stripped screw. Don't do either, start using the Buku Threadlocking System and eliminate these issues once and for all...

Buku High Speed Removable Wicking Grade Threadlocker and Buku High Speed Accelerator and Plastic Activator. The ONLY threadlocking system designed specifically to solve the unique and demanding requirements of R/C racers...
  • True High Speed cure in as little a 2 minutes when accelerator is used.
  • Works on Plastic.
  • Wicking grade can be used on assembled screws.
  • Low residual build-up.
  • Won't strip small fasteners, even plastic!
10ml Buku High Speed Removable Wicking Grade Threadlocker and
12ml Buku High Speed Accelerator and Plastic Activator
10ml Buku High Speed Removable Wicking Grade Threadlocker $11.95

NOTICE: Due to international shipping regulations Buku High Speed Accelerator and Plastic Activator CANNOT be shipped outside of US states or US territories. Buku Threadlocker by itself can be shipped anywhere.

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