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Video #7
78.4 MPH World Record Jato 3.3
Video #6
93.1 MPH World Record Jato
Video #1
Buku Power Pipe on Savage 4.6rtr LRP Engine
Video #2
JATO Buku Power Pipe
Video #3
Power of the HPI Savage
Video #4
MGT Big Air Bash
Video #5
Monster GT with Buku Pipe
Buku Performance Products was conceived from a passion for technological innovation. We are focused on developing products which are truly innovative and that help the R/C enthusiast to obtain the highest levels of performance. We believe that innovative thinking and objective testing are the foundations for the finest R/C products. Every product we develop is the result of thorough research and engineering, followed up with the most exhaustive real world testing. Our devotion to fundamental research and objective evaluation ensures that out products will not only be unique in design and function but also truly superior in performance.
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