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"Just got back from testing..and I will say..AMAZING!! Here is what we did. Kept the original pipe on there..Remember I am running OS V-Spec .21 Very popular motor. So after getting a base. We then switched to the BUKU and ran the plug. We just used the set up you shipped. We had to lean it out just a smidge to get the bottom to react then made laps to heat it up. When the motor came up to temp..it ran just like it did with the stock pipe. We then pulled the plug and HELLO!! She was lightning fast throughout all of the power range. It was on the pipe the whole time.

Immediate power no matter if you where starting from a stop, hitting it after running mid range and the top too. It was just like we turned it into an OS speed motor!! The power is nuts! I don't know how to explain but it was fast as could be no matter how fast you where going. The immediate power was so much we were just laughing. People were at this track watching as there was an oval race going on and you could see them wide eyed! Very good product. Great customer service. Next year is going to be really interesting with this pipe. I believe anytime you are behind someone you will be able to blip the throttle and shoot by like a rocket.

I will keep your email for future questions. I am sure with different track conditions springs might have to be changed etc. But the bottom line is..We hooked up the pipe..Once it heated up we pulled the plug and WOW!!...we even richened it up 2 hours and found no drop off in performance..After a lot of laps the motor came in at 240 degrees. Which is right where I run it at for optimum fuel mileage and incredible power.

Thanks so much and please feel free to use my email or comments on your web site as a success story!"

- Matt GormanMerriam, KS

"I figured I'd let you know the latest. I have been running the heck out of my truck, and think I've squeezed all the performance out of it I can. I'm using the .165 and about 4 turns of adjustment. I'm running a 18t clutch bell and 36t spur gear. Just shy of pulling wheelies, with some really decent acceleration. Running temp is around 195,so I could go a little more lean, but like it there so I don't have to adjust it when I run for 3-4 tanks of fuel. Top end is now around 38 mph (if my speed sensor is calibrated right). Much better than the 29 mph I was getting with my original set -up. .Many people have inquired about the pipe, and I don't hesitate for a second to tell them it's the single most performance enhancing part on my truck!"

- Chris A.

"Got a chance to play with the Revo for about 3 hours today at our club track. I started with the stock pipe to get it tuned in and learn the new track layout. Then I got the Buku pipe set up and ran that. Definite increase in top and bottom end. Truck has insane power now. Instructions are clear as can be and the product is top notch. I left the pipe on there and will race it on Sunday at our club race. Should impress a lot of people. We don't have a real long straight so I only went in about 1.5 turns on the adjustment of the pipe but I run out of straight as the revo is hauling ass. Need some better brakes lol."

- Glenn

"I finally got a chance to run the new pipe yesterday and I was impressed. I'm having a little trouble tuning it in only because it is stupid fast and getting hard to control. That's a good thing though. Also its bin so hot I only ran one tank. I like the sound too it has a nice deep sound to it. I'll keep you posted."

- Jim G.

"Got my pipe today, thanks! Fitted one ring, the small cone and the heavy spring as suggested by a competitive guy who uses the same engine. Tuned the needles and started to drive, man your pipe is insane!! Power increase all through the RPM range was unbelievable, you're a god man!"

- Jonas

"Just wanted to hollar at you and say hello. Been awhile since we talked. Just wanted to let you know the BUKU is running strong as ever and has made my new mill a freak also. It is the LRP spec3. Great motor unreal power. especially on 'bukuroids.' Probably will be getting in touch with you again about getting another pipe."

- Eddie

"We ran both small block & big block class at the m/t races today. Different driver but same results. won both classes buku pipes ran great on both. Gave great power from low end all the way to top end. Pipes work great, could tell difference right off. will get you some pics soon."

- Donnie

"I was itching to find a way to get that pipe running tonight (which I did). I did notice a sizable increase in low-end than with the JP-2. You should seen the look on my face when I popped off the tuning plug and gunned the engine. Very impressive! Temps were nominal (under 260). I installed the bigger ported cone and highest tension spring. I will try that hopefully tomorrow and let you know how that goes. My initial results and opinions are posted on the Revo-world, review section. Bottom line, this pipe ROCKS!"

"My first impression of the new Buku pipe:

I spent the better part of 5 hours messing with my truck yesterday and I did some timed runs with my stock pipe on my Axial and my truck was averaging 6.48 seconds for a 200 foot run. And I was running head to head with my friend who has a stock 4.6 RTR with a 2 speed and we were staying neck and neck until he hit his upper power band where he would start pulling away from me. (I have 15T cb/49T SG and he has 18T cb/47T sg, so it would be expected that he would have higher top end speed).

When we were satisfied we had a good baseline to go off of I installed the Buku pipe and started tuning it up. Initial tuning requires richening of both the LSN and HSN 1/4 turn and made the response a little sluggish (expected) but the first thing I noticed was a nice rich exhaust tone, even with one of the ports plugged, that made the stock pipe sound a little like an empty tin can.

Tuning wasn't really difficult. Basic tuning is simply engine tuning, then when you are satisfied with the tuning you pull the plug from the stinger and get an even nicer sound. A little of my top speed was lost, but that's where the internal spring adjustment comes into play. I turned my spring in about 3/4 turn with the supplied wrench and the truck was flying! My friend and I lined up again and it was a different story this time. My truck launched off the line and flew down the street. This time the truck was averaging 5.5 second 200 foot runs with one run pulling 5.01 seconds. To top this off I even noticed cooler run temps by about 15 degrees."

"Shocking power! Can't believe it's the same engine. Left everyone else in the dust!"

- Jeff Aiken Cumberlan, RI

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