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Reserve Your Legal Pipe

Buku Performance Products is in the final stages of product design and approval for our greatly anticipated "Legal" series of pipes. These pipes have been specifically designed to comply with the rules and regulations of the major sanctioning bodies including ROAR and RCPRO. We will also be submitting a model to EFRA for approval for the 2010 race season.

The pipes posses never before seen capabilities specifically designed to address the demanding requirements of today's most competitive racers. The pipes will allow for precise tuning of the motor's powerband independent of the motor itself. An additional feature provides a method for adjusting the motor's jetting, which is far more sensitive and accurate than the carburetor adjustments. This will allow a racer to "supertune" his motor for maximum power and runtime. These revolutionary adjustments are all externally accessible and can be changed without stopping the motor.

The first pipe released (the "007") will be for 1/8 scale off-road racing, to be followed by a 1/10 scale off-road pipe.

There is no obligation when making a reservation.

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